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A Prophetic History & Perspectives About The End Times Over the last 20 years, Mike Bickle has taken time to share bits and pieces of this prophetic history but never as comprehensively as he did in these 12 one hour sessions! To encourage the over 400 full time staff of IHOP-KC, Mike took twelve evenings in November 2002 to tell some of the testimony of supernatural experiences with Jesus, including times that the Lord sent angels or released prophetic dreams with dramatic and powerful confirmations. These experiences explain the prophetic history of this ministry in Kansas City as well as establish convictions about the generation that the Lord returns. Scripture, being the highest standard and guardian of Truth, is our primary light in a dark world. On occasion, the Lord also releases prophetic experiences to encourage our understanding and perseverance. For this reason, Mike took time to share with much more detail than ever before. Many of the IHOP-KC staff have commented that they have been deeply touched and encouraged by these prophetic stories to live radical lifestyles of prayer with fasting "for such a time as this."
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Title: Beholding The Gladness Of Jesus
About: Recorded live July 25, 2004 during the FCF Sunday Service at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO.

Beholding the Gladness of Jesus Pt.1
Beholding the Gladness of Jesus Pt.2

Calling Forth Burning And Shining Lamps

Confident In Love Before God Pt.1
Confident In Love Before God Pt.2
Confident In Love Before God Pt.3
Confident In Love Before God Pt.4

Contemplative Prayer Pt.1
Contemplative Prayer Pt.2
Contemplative Prayer Pt.3
Contemplative Prayer Pt.4

Title: Cultivating A Firey Spirit
About: "Shake off the dust of spiritual lethargy; rise up and be enthroned in grace," Isaiah prophesies. As believers who are privileged to live at the end of the age, we also have the added responsibility to cultivate a fiery spirit that burns brighter in greater darkness. In this series Mike outlines a number of principles on how to burn for God even in the tedious humdrum events of everyday life.
Cultivating A Firey Spirit Pt.1
Cultivating A Firey Spirit Pt.2
Cultivating A Firey Spirit Pt.3
Cultivating A Firey Spirit Pt.4

Title: Daniel 9 Fast
About: Recorded live July 18, 2004 during the FCF Sunday Service at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO.
Daniel 9 Fast

Title: Emergence Of The Spirit Of Elijah
About: In this message, Mike Bickle establishes the principle that the spirit of Elijah will rest on the end-time church. The empowering spirit of Elijah within the forerunner ministry will be sovereignly raised up and released in these days. Mike offers several practical ways to prepare ourselves to receive this anointing.
Emergence of the Spirit of Elijah

Title: End Times - Overcoming Through Martyrdom
About: One of the greatest paradoxes of the Christian life is that we overcome the adversary by ‘loving not our lives even unto death.’ Citing both contemporary examples and scriptural insight on the end-times, Mike shares on the church’s greatest hour, and its greatest need: a sustaining love relationship with Christ. Two messages are on this 90-minute teaching tape.
End Times-Overcoming Through Martyrdom Pt.1
End Times-Overcoming Through Martyrdom Pt.2

Title: Eternity Written On Our Hearts
About: Imagine this: You are standing before the throne of God Almighty. Emerald, sardius and jasper swirl before your eyes as you look upon beauty and splendor too great to behold. His beauty beckons you, drawing you closer…nearer…to the throne. You stand before Him. In that day, what will you offer your God? Will it be the trophies from platform ministries, your list of saved souls, transcriptions of your razor-sharp prophetic words, or ministry newsletters testifying of your astounding signs and wonders? One gift above all will honor the King of Kings…a heart that matches His. In the last day, we will be free from trials, our bank accounts will be forgotten, and our mailing lists will be irrelevant. Love pounding in our hearts is the only currency of this eternal city and the only gold worth counting. Truly when we live with eternity set in our hearts, looking homeward to heaven and storing up treasures not of this world, our hearts will be free to volunteer gladly in the day of remembrance!
Eternity Written On Our Hearts Pt.1
Eternity Written On Our Hearts Pt.2

Title: Experiencing Gods Affection
Experiencing Gods Affection

Title: Extreme Times Require Extreme Measures
About: Turbulent, end-time events must be matched with no less than an equally dramatic and radical lifestyle. As God’s kingdom increases, satan’s activities will intensify, and our heart response to God must swell in unprecedented passion and abandonment. In this series Mike outlines the necessary lifestyle for forerunners, explaining how fasting is a God-ordained means to move into readiness. This teaching is a response to September 11, 2001.

Extreme Times Require Extreme Measures Pt.1
Extreme Times Require Extreme Measures Pt.2
Extreme Times Require Extreme Measures Pt.3
Extreme Times Require Extreme Measures Pt.4

Title: Fullness Of Gentiles Provoking Israel
Fullness Of Gentiles Provoking Israel

Title: The Lovesick Heart Of The Fasted Lifestyle
About: In this message Mike develops the theme of fasting, prayer and giving to the poor as it relates to the release of the glory of God. He teaches verse by verse through Isaiah 58, which is the most prominent chapter on fasting in the Bible. In this chapter, Isaiah the prophet describes the religious drudgery of fasting, prayer and giving that was common in his day. He then contrasts it to the glorious potential of these kingdom activities when done in pursuit of whole-hearted love for Jesus. The Bride of Christ will find dynamic opportunities in the grace of God through the fasted lifestyle. The compromising church with dullness of heart can only see the negative and wearisome aspects of such a lifestyle. This is one of Mike's clearest teaching on fasting to date

The Lovesick Heart Of The Fasted Lifestyle

Title: Global Bridegroom Fast
About: Mike Bickle and Lou Engle have called the nations to unified fasting and prayer. In this tape Mike Bickle shares the vision for global solemn assemblies to be held each month of the year until Christ returns. Mike shares in detail the urgency of this hour of history, concepts related to the Bridegroom Fast, and the marriage of IHOP-KC and the Call.
Part 1

Title: Relationship Of Spitirual Intimacy And End - Time Judgement
About: In these messages, Mike outlines the dramatic crisis of light and dark at the end of the age. The kings from all the nations of the earth will be gathered together to stand against the King of Kings Himself. This demonic army of wicked kings will ultimately fail. The drama of this coming crisis has a practical application to every person on the earth. In Psalm 2 King David instructs the church that the kiss of spiritual intimacy with the Messiah will be the most important reality to protect the heart of God’s people. The crisis will be intense dividing the people on the earth into 2 groups: those who kiss the Son and those who accuse Jesus Christ in the deception of the Evil One.
Part1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Title: Song Of Songs
About: Mike's completely revised and updated course on Songs of Songs, this is his most comprehensive and powerful presentation of this glorious book to date.
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Title: Treading The Winepress
About: At the end of the age, a great dividing line will split mankind in half. Many, in the midst of God's shakings and judgments, will stand confused in their understanding and offended in their hearts wondering "where is our God?" Yet, in this hour of human history, God is raising up a new breed of forerunners - an army of friends of the Judge. Rooted and grounded in love, they stand confident that the Bridegroom’s fiery affections are the driving force behind His terrifying judgments. In this three part series, Mike brilliantly weaves together what is often seen as two opposites in God’s personality: His mercy and His judgment. His consuming jealousy devours everything that hinders love, for He will have His Bride! When this sermon was first preached, revelation so powerfully and profoundly pierced the hearts of international church leaders that apostolic pastors publicly repented for not understanding the heart of the Judge. Will you be a friend of the Bridegroom who hears His heart and understands the movement of His hands? Will you be one who can stand, even in the midst of shakings, unmoved in your affections, unswerving in your confession and boldly declare, "Just and true are your ways!"?
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Title: The Power Of A Focused Life
About: If the Word of God is living and active, why are so few Christians consistently feeding on it? Sadly, many believers are ministering out of memories, regurgitating other's sermons, and relying on yesterday's encounters with God to keep their hearts alive. Our times with God are often little more than bringing a list of requests, an empty exercise of words, and we feel as if our prayers shoot as high as the ceiling and then bounce back unheard and unanswered. God created us for relationship! Intimacy with Jesus is not based upon hours spent doing Bible studies intellectually. Reading the Word was intended to be a dialogue! No kingdom activity can substitute for conversing with Jesus through the Word of God. Mike offers practical keys to turning the Word of God into a dynamic conduit of encounter. This teaching series will help empower you with a lively spirit and an overflowing heart, as you learn to read and feed between the lines and encounter the Man Christ Jesus!
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Title: Experiencing Power Encounters In Finances
About: Giving financially to the work of the kingdom is more than an issue of money. It's about encountering God in faith and experiencing a personal revelation of His power in provision. This provision comes not only through financial returns, but also the unlocking of your heart in love. Learn how to develop a legacy of experiencing His faithfulness in finances. You will be stirred both by Mike Bickle's exposition of scripture and stories of his own power encounters with God.
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